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Finding the way to my own work. Finally.

In 2020 I made the decision to start a colour course, as a trained designer I wanted to go deeper on the subject. The course started in January, during which time we were selling our flat and buying a house and then the onset of the global pandemic started. The course stopped gathering in early March - but I had gained enough from the course to start playing with colour again in the Summer months when time allowed. I absolutely loved it - but then I found it a struggle to get the colours flat (turns out I'm not using enough paint!) and so I reverted to digital means as it was easier for me to carve out the time to do that.

I'm lucky that my art school degree in surface design and decoration was very much rooted in drawing and painting, and through the years there we really were taught to experiment and take risks. It's something that I haven't really appreciated until recently when I started attending life drawing classes with my tutor from 20 years previously and I then realised how lucky I had been. Not striving for perfection was very much the mantra - and many of the students kicked against that but I loved the freedom of being able to go a bit wild. I did lack confidence in my ability and the need to earn money was looming.

It's been 20 years since I graduated from Art school - and I have not created my own work in that time as such. I've worked in graphic design, curating and art dealing and completed a masters in Art Management. But when we finished school - there was no professional practice available - our lovely old hippie tutors had done a good job on getting us to experiment and explore mediums but absolutely no clue whatsoever in how to get our work out there - or what opportunities lay out there.

But now the advent of instagram, artist only fairs, a healthy appetite for art purchasing - and a deep feeling that I could get my work out there if I really try - I've decided that now is the time. At the time of writing I am 51 years young and have the drive to not waste a minute longer. However I wasn't sure where to start or how to get a momentum going - but luckily I have now found the Art2Life program that I know of several people who've done the course and spoken very highly of it... so I'm now in week 1 and diving in head first.

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